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Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press, 3 Tons, Hands-Free


DW6000 version is discontinued

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110V for North America
220V for Europe and Australia

Dulytek® DW6000 fully automatic 3-ton rosin press gradually applies its full force to the 2.5 by 5 inch solid aluminum plates at just the push of a button. This heat press features an integrated LED workstation light and a dual function touchscreen display to control plates temperature and timer, all housed in a robust stainless steel frame. The DW6000 is an effortless way to extract rosin for pressers of all skill levels and a perfect addition for any small businesses, concentrate lover, or grower. Take your harvest to the next level and always have fresh premium extract available of all of your favorite strains at the push of a button! The machine comes with a complimentary starter kit that includes all the basic tools and accessories necessary to start pressing right away: two rosin collection tools, non-stick silicone mat, 10 sheets of parchment paper, 3 ml rosin storage jar, and four magnets.

The machine is available in two versions: 110V for North American and 220V  for European and Australian customers. Please note that the 220V presses are not shipped to US and Canada addresses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum pressure: 6000 lbs / 3 tons
  • Heating plate size: 2.5 x 5 inch /  127 x 64 mm
  • Maximum temperature: 450 °F / 232 °C
  • Power:  720 W
  • Current: 6.5 A
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Weight: 68.3 lb / 31 kg
  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 13.6 x 10.4 inch / 48 x 34.5 x 26.5 cm
  • Package dimensions: 21.7 x 16.3 x 13.2 inch / 55 x 41.5 x 33.5 cm
  • Package weight (with the product): 72.8 lb / 33 kg
  • Certifications: CE / RoHS
  • Limited warranty: 6 months for major components; 2 years for other parts
  • Discreet Packaging
Have general questions about how to press rosin? Try our Rosin Pressing FAQ guide.

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Ask a Question
  • How much is for shipping to California?

    It is free for US domestic shipping.

  • what temp. would you recommend for pressing bubble?

    For Bubble, I recommend 185F-200F.

  • I was wondering how long the cycle took from first push of the button to Rendering of product

    It depends on what you press, and the temp and pressing time that you set. It usually less than 2 minutes.

  • What should I expect to see in the box upon receiving this??

    You will get DW6000 press, operational manual and AC power cord. However, if you also want to receive a rosin press starter kit, you may contact

  • wich kind of bags this machine uses

    For DW6000, you may use filter bags with size of 2"x3.5".

  • Will this be available in 220/240 volt

    Yes, we offer two versions of DW6000: one is for 110V/120V for North American users, another is for 220V/240V for European, Australlian and other countries.

  • If the temperature or pressure is out of calibration, does the digital controller allow you to recalibrate those parameters or do I have to send it back to the manufacturer?

    Yes, you can calibrate the temperature controls for this machine using the digital controller. You can't calibrate a pressure meter though since there is none. 

  • Can I heat up the platen, press it without using the timer control?

    You have to set a time to press. However, you may set up a longer time and stop the pressing at any time when you push the "release" button.

  • how do you control pressure? is there a pressure gauge?

    You don't control the pressure with this machine, and there is no pressure meter there. The maximum pressure is automatically applied when the plates close. 

  • Hi, I have a few questions. We need this press for research applications. I would like to know: 1-What is the max time that we can set ? For example can it apply force and heat for 2 hours ? 2- What is the min force/pressure that it can apply? 3- Is there a force/pressure sensor/display ?

    Thanks for asking. 1. The max time is 999 seconds; 2. You can't set the pressure parameter. It is controlled automatically applying the maximum force (up to 6000 lb / 3 Ton) when the plates are fully closed.  3. The current version doesn't have a pressure meter. There is a built-in pressure meter in our DE10K model. Let me know if you have other questions.

  • If I put in a pre order how long would it take to receive the actual product?

    The DW6000 should be in stock on or around December 18th. The pre-orders will be processed and shipped as soon as we receive the presses.

  • What is the recommended or maximum amount of material that can be used in this press?

    Thanks for asking. Please feel free to use the general guidelines published on our home page (scroll down past Products section):

  • Does the Dulytek DW6000 come with accessories

    The press does not come with accessories. But if you need the rosin press starter kit enclosed, you may request by email:

  • Is this have dual heating plates?

    Yes, the DW6000 is equipped with dual heating plates.

  • Does it come with any bags and if so what size micron

    It doesn't come with filter bags. The mesh size of bags depends on what you press. For flowers, 160 micron. For sift, kief or hash, 100 or 25 micron is good.

  • when will this press be available? thanks

    It is going to be available again on November 18th.

  • Hi, I see the press is sold out, when will it be available again?

    It is going to be available again in early of November.

  • hi i just purchased the dw6000 and waiting for it , what i would like to ask is how many grams of flower and kief can be pressed to maximize out put there are no stats on this thank you , i would like to make a video that would fully demonstrate its capabilities so if there is anyway you could help i would be thankful.

    Please see our press selection guide for recommended amounts:

  • What is the clearance in inches if I were to use a pre-press mold?

    Thanks for asking. The distance between the plates is about 1.5 inches. 

  • Can you use a pre-press mold in this press or do you recommend using something else to pre- press then use this?

    Yes, you can use a pre-press mold in this press, as long as the height of pre-press is not too much.

  • When will this press be available?

    Thanks for asking. We are expecting it to be instock on or around June 30th.