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Dulytek® DHP20 20-Ton Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press and Accessories Bundle


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110V for North America
220V for Europe & Australia

Dulytek® DHP20 Rosin Press Bundle is an all-in-one combo product that consists of our powerful 20 Ton hydraulic machine and all essentials needed to begin pressing: a 2" x 6" rectangular pre-press mold for compacting your herbs, 2.5" x 6.5" filter bags of 3 mesh sizes (25, 100, and 160 microns, 60 bags total), 10" x 7" pre-cut parchment paper set, 7-piece rosin and wax tool kit, a non-stick silicone mat, a 4" x 6" cold plate, and four press magnet pins. The DHP20 itself features 3" x 8" dual heating solid aluminum insulated plates, a two-channel temperature and timer controller, an easily replaceable oil-leak-free bottle jack, and a sturdy frame. With this kit, you don't have to guess about what other items you need to start pressing. Just prepare your herbs, set your press parameters, pump the cranking handle, set the timer, and, when the timer is up, collect the freshly pressed rosin! 

The bundle is available in two DHP20 versions: 110V for North American and 220V  for European and Australian customers. Please note that the 220V presses are not shipped to US and Canada addresses. 

Technical Specifications
DHP20 Press Force: 40,000 lbs / 20 Ton
Plates: 8 x 3 inch / 203 x 76 mm; dual heating; insulated; aluminum
Temp. Range: 302 °F / 150 °C
Dimensions / Weight: 18 x 12 x 24 inch / 46 x 31 x 61 cm / 100 lbs / 45 kg
Pre-Press Mold Internal Dimensions: 5-3/4 x 1-3/4 inch / 145 x 44 mm
Material: Anodized aluminum
Dimensions When Assembled: 6 x 2 x 1-3/4 inch / 150 x 50 x 44 mm
Filter Bags Mesh Sizes / Quantity: 25 μm - 20 bags, 100 μm - 20 bags, and 160 μm - 20 bags; 60 bags total
Dimensions: 2.5" x 6.5" / 64 mm x 165 mm
Material: 100% Nylon
Tool set
Tools: 5 double ended; stainless steel
Lidded Jar: 3 ml; glass
Finger Gloves: 5 total; silicone
Parchment paper
Size / Quantity: 10" x 7"; 50 sheets
Material: 20lbs / 30gsm; silicone coated
Cold Plate Size: 6" x 4" x 0.13" / 152 mm x 102 mm x 3 mm
Material: Food-grade aluminum
Non-stick Mat Size: 12" x 8.25" / 30 cm x 21 cm
Material: Food-grade silicone
Magnets Quantity: 4
Have general questions about how to press rosin? Try our Rosin Pressing FAQ guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Terra K.
This machine is beast!!!!

Overall, the machine is exceptionally easy to use. It functions and produces exactly the way I expect it to. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this press anywhere and everywhere possible!

Joe P.
ROsIn prEss

IT bRoKE hEAT PlATe oN TOp nOt WorKInG

Ask a Question
  • 1. How does the rosn flow out of the press? Are you supposed to tilt the unit as you press it? If so I don’t see any legs to tilt it to. 2. What are the magnets for 3. You mentioned a cold plate. What is that used for and is it the blue box looking item in the picture?

    1. When you press, rosin flows in all directions. You control the flow with parchment paper. If you want to tilt the press, we offer a separately sold DripTek stand, compatible with the DHP20 model.
    2.  Magnets are for attaching parchment paper to a metal surface.
    3. The cold/warm plate is used for working with rosin. You use it cold to make sticky sap easy to work with or as warm to soften shatter like rosin. The The blue box on the first product picture is a pre-press mold.

  • How much product/ plants can be pressed at a time in the 7 ton and the 20 ton. Thank you for your time

    It is about 25 grams for the 7 Ton press and 50 grams for the 20 Ton one.

  • My DHP20 is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. But I didn’t see this bundle offered. Feeling slightly slighted.

    Sorry you didn't see it. We have recently added it to the website :)

Dulytek® DHP20 20-Ton Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press and Accessories Bundle

Dulytek® DHP20 20-Ton Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press and Accessories Bundle