About Dulytek

Dulytek Equipment is a US-based engineering company that designs, manufactures, and sells botanical oil solventless extraction presses, retrofit DIY heat plates kits and related accessories such as rosin filter bags, pre-press molds, hydroponic equipment, collection tools and sets for small to middle-size businesses such as experimental laboratories, herbal stores, breweries, and others. We build rosin press machines that are easy to use, affordable, and reliable so that our customers can keep on running them day after day. Many of our press machines are lightweight and portable, which makes them convenient for home users. Our design team is constantly working on developing new ways to improve and optimize rosin extraction methods and provide our clients with the best products possible. No matter if it is a hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or manually-powered rosin press, at Dulytek, we strive for quality workmanship and stand behind our product with pride. If you have more questions about our business and products, please feel free to email us.