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DE10K 5-Ton Hybrid Rosin Press

The DE10K rosin press uses heat and electrically powered hydraulic pressure to produce high quality rosin with superior fragrance and medicinal value. The press moves its 3 by 5 inch plates gradually until the full 10,000 lbs of pressure is applied.

Dulytek DE10K Elite Hybrid 5 Ton Rosin Press for Solventless Extraction, Safety Features, Large Heating Plates, Pressure Gauge


The DHPK30 retrofit heat plate kit is an affordable and highly efficient modular DIY model that allows you to convert a standard hydraulic or pneumatic workshop press into a powerful rosin press machine that is easy to set up and use. This model is available in two voltage versions: American 110 V and European 220 V.

15-30 Ton Force
EASY TO set up
Dulytek DIY Retrofit Rosin Caged Heat Plates, 3 x 8 inch, up to 30 Ton Force, Precise Temperature and Timer Control, Easy to Set Up

About Us

Dulytek is a US-based engineering company that designs, manufactures, and sells premium solventless extraction equipment such as manual, electric, hydraulic, and hybrid rosin presses, DIY retrofit heat plate kits, rosin tech pre-press molds, filter bags and tubes, collection / dabbing tools and kits, parchment paper, cooling and warming plates and other related accessories for home growers, rosin pressing enthusiasts, distributors of trichome sifting / bubble hash equipment, solventless extraction laboratories, herbal stores and dispenseries, breweries, and other small to mid-size businesses. Read More


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Rosin Press Selection Guide

Please see our rosin press comparison table that is intended to help you when selecting the ultimate rosin press and DIY heat plate kit for your application. For detailed information on each rosin press machine, please refer to individual product pages.

Dulytek Rosin Press Selection Guide


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