Please read, understand, and follow the safety and handling precautions in the enclosed manual before using Dulytek DE40K rosin heat press.

Recommended Plant Material Amount for the DE40K press:

- Up to 65 grams

Required parts:

- A standard air compressor (100 PSI minimum)

Recommended Accessories:

Accessory Options
Pre-Press Mold 2" x 6"
Filter Bags 2.5" x 4.5" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2.5" x 6.5" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2" x 6" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2" x 7" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
3" x 200" Filter Tube (25, 100, 160 micron options)
Parchment Paper 10" x 7" unbleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
10" x 7" bleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
12" x 14" bleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
Tool set 6-Piece tool set
7-Piece tool set
Scraper tool set
Cold Plate 6" x 4" Cold Plate
9" x 6" Cooling Plate Kit

- Humidity packs;
- Glass stamp, etc.

DE40K Press Preparation:

1. Connect the press to a standard air compressor (see the DE40K for the air compressor specs). Plug both devices into electrical outlets.

2. Follow the air compressor instructions and turn it on. Let the pressure reach at least 100 PSI before turning the compressor off.

3. Press Power button to turn on the DE40K press.

4. Make sure the Emergency Stop button is deactivated. If not, turn it clockwise until it pops up.


1. Please select one of two operations modes: Freestyle or Automatic on the press touchscreen display. Please refer to the press manual for detailed instructions and visual guides. Tip: Freestyle is used for creative pressing, while Automatic - for following a known extraction recipe. 

2. Follow directions on the display and enter your desired settings (temperature, temperature scale, time, filter bags size, etc, depending on your selected mode) Tip: we generally recommend selecting temperature in the range of 165 °F - 195 °F for fine plant material such as hash, kief, and dry sift and 190 °F - 225 °F for flower, and time in the range of 60 - 130 and 30 - 220 seconds respectively. Please keep in mind that low temperature settings yield better quality product at expense of quantity. 

3. Review your entered parameters on the screen and confirm your readiness to start pressing. The plate heating starts.

4. Wait for the plates to reach the set temperature(s). Tip: the heating icons will be turned off once it's done.

5. Place your prepared material it in the center of the bottom plate. 

6. Push Press button to close the plates and apply desired (or set) pressure. Tip: Monitor live pressure on the screen. You may want to try raising pressure gradually in freestyle mode to improve quality of the final product.

7. Optional: Start timer, if you are in freestyle mode (in the other mode, it is done automatically), to record the duration of your operation, if desired.

8. If using DripTek function, press Driptek On button. Stand clear from the press to allow it to move forward while tilting.

9.  When ready, return the press to the original position by pressing Driptek Off button. 

10. Once the pressing is done, touch Release button to open up the plates.

11. Carefully remove your pressed material using tools or heat resistant gloves.

12. End your operation on the screen by tapping Close button and then push Power button to turn off the press.

13. Disconnect the press and air compressor from the electrical outlets.

14. Gather your freshly pressed rosin using collection tools.