Please read, understand, and follow the safety and handling precautions in the enclosed manual before using Dulytek DE10K rosin heat press.

Recommended Plant Material Amount for the DE10K press:

- Up to 15 grams

Recommended Accessories:

Accessory Options
Pre-Press Mold 2" x 4"
30 mm Cylinder
Filter Bags 2" x 4" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2.5" x 4.5" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2" x 5" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2" x 4" Mixed Mesh Set
2" x 200" Filter Tube (25, 100, 160 micron options)
Parchment Paper 10" x 7" unbleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
10" x 7" bleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
12" x 14" bleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
Tool set 6-Piece tool set
7-Piece tool set
Scraper tool set
Cold Plate 6" x 4" Cold Plate

- Humidity packs;
- Glass stamp, etc.

DE10K Press Preparation:

1. Position your press on a sturdy table surface. 

2. Connect the press to an electric outlet (110 V / 220 V) and flip two circuit breakers located at the back of the press.

3. Press the power button to turn on the press.


1. Enter your desired plate temperature into the press control panel. Please refer to the press manual for the detailed instructions and visual guides.

2. Press Hot button on the control panel to start heating. Wait for the plates to reach the set temperature(s). 

3. Prepare your material and position it in the center of the bottom plate. Make sure no solid objects are laying over the safety sensors.

4. Press and hold Down button to lower the upper plate and apply desired pressure. You can monitor the rising pressure numbers on the press meter, and, if necessary, you can gradually apply more pressure by gently tapping Down button.

5. Wait until the extraction is complete.

6. When you are ready, press and hold Up button to release the plates. 

7. Carefully remove your pressed material using tools or heat resistant gloves.

8. Turn off the press by touching Power button.

9. Gather your freshly pressed rosin using collection tools. 

10. Wait until the press is completely cooled down before cleaning up its plates.