Please read, understand, and follow the safety and handling precautions in the enclosed manual before using Dulytek DM800 mini rosin heat press.

Recommended Plant Material Amount for the DM800 press:

- Up to 3 grams per load

Recommended Accessories:

Accessory Options
Pre-Press Mold 1.5" x 1.5"
2" x 1.5" 
22 mm Cylinder
Filter Bags 2" x 3.5" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2" x 3" (25, 100, 160 micron options)
2" x 3" Mixed Mesh Set
Parchment Paper 10" x 7" unbleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
10" x 7" bleached, pre-cut, 50 sheets per set
Tool set 6-Piece tool set
7-Piece tool set
Scraper tool set

- Humidity packs;
- Collection mat, glass stamp, etc.

DM800 Press Preparation:

1. Place you mini press on a sturdy counter.

2. Adjust the pressure knob, if necessary, to accommodate to the amount of flower at hand.

3. Flip the power switch to turn the DM800 press on.


1. Program the press control panel to enter your desired plate temperature(s), time, and temperature scale (Fahrenheit or Celsius) using Set, Up and Down control buttons. Please refer to the manual for detailed instructions and visual guides. Tip: we recommend selecting temperature in the range of 165 °F - 195 °F for fine plant material such as hash, kief, and dry sift and 190 °F - 225 °F for flower, and time in the range of 60 - 130 and 30 - 220 seconds respectively. Please keep in mind that low temperature settings yield better quality product at expense of quantity.

2. Wait for the plates to heat up to the set temperature. Tip: the heating icons will be turned off once it's done.

3. Fold your material into parchment paper and position it in the center of the bottom plate.

4. Close the press by slowly and firmly lowering the press lever; it will lock in place. 

5. Push the timer button to start the countdown.

6. When the timer countdown ends, the press starts beeping. Turn it off by pressing the timer button.

7. Lift up the DM800 lever and carefully remove your pressed material together with the parchment paper.

8. Turn off the machine if done pressing. 

9. Gather your freshly pressed rosin using collection tools.