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Dulytek® DM1005 Clamshell Manual Rosin Heat Press



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110V for North America
220V for Europe and Australia

Dulytek® DM1005 is a sleek and affordable half ton clamshell style manual rosin press that applies 1550 pounds of force to its 3 by 5 inch dual heat solid aluminum plates. Lighter than its predecessor, the DM1000, but sturdier and more powerful, the press features an adjustable pressure knob and a locking lever mechanism for applying maximum pressure without continuous use of manual force as well as two-channel temperature and timer controller. The temperature controls can be easily adjusted to show settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your preferences and select temperature for each plate separately. The DM1005 is easy to use, and it comes with a complimentary starter kit that includes all the basic tools and accessories necessary to start pressing right away: two rosin collection tools, non-stick silicone mat, 10 sheets of parchment paper, 3 ml rosin storage jar, and four magnets.

The machine is available in two versions: 110V for North American and 220V  for European and Australian customers. Please note that the 220V presses are not shipped to US and Canada addresses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum pressure: 1550 lbs / 750 kg
  • Heating plate size: 3 x 5 inch / 76 x 127 mm
  • Maximum temperature: 356 °F / 180 °C
  • Timer range: 0 - 999 sec
  • Power: 600 W
  • Current: 5.5 A
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Weight: 30 lbs / 13.6 kg
  • Product weight: 30 lb / 13.6 kg
  • Product dimensions: 15 x 10 x 11 inch / 38.1 x 25.4 x 28 cm
  • Package dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 14.2 inch / 47 x 33 x 36 cm
  • Package weight (with the product): 35 lbs / 15.9 kg
  • Certifications: CE / RoHS
  • Limited warranty: 2-Year
  • Discreet Packaging
Have general questions about how to press rosin? Try our Rosin Pressing FAQ guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
John W Zilinsky
Years of use and still going strong

Hundreds of runs and very happy with performance. Never had a problem with my unit. I skipped using bags a long time ago and the results are good. I went through 5 screw type puck makers because the threads strip after a while. I got the one they sell here and use a big c clamp to press it. It's going to last longer than I live. Heavy Duty is an understatement. A strong arm is needed to do it right but it wont leak like hydraulic presses do. Adjust the knob before you drop the lever or you might have problems. It's not made to screw it down to get maximum pressure after the lever is down. A drop of oil on those threads will make them last but just a tiny bit. Good Luck with your work and Thank You Dulytek employees.


Best investment ever! Very easy to operate clean design absolutely cherish it thank you dulytek!


I was really looking forward to this being the ideal home hot press but have discovered that it has a basic design flaw. Unless you are a champion arm wrestler or body builder the plastic pressure knob is useless for most people. It is impossible to crank the knob to max pressure without the use of a tool. I chose channel locks as my tool of choice and it worked ok...for a while. Eventually the knob loosened itself from the threaded rod and I ended up having to use the channel locks lower down on the actual threaded rod. Not impressed at this point!! I believe with a bit of tweaking Dulytek could have a winner but at the moment it isn't. Purchased on

Frank Hogan
Bad Customer service

Bought the Dulytek Clamshell and it is missing a bolt that holds the plate on. I am having a hell of a time getting bolt Never will I Buy any More Dulytek Trash

Excellent customer service

This review is a edit to my prior review. I submitted a complaint on the product I purchased. Received a reply a day later which made me give a 5 star review. Thanks dulytek for your outstanding customer service. I can now recommend you to my friends and others for your products and also be a return customer. It’s good to see that people still care about repeat business!

Ask a Question
  • How much is for shipping to California?

    It is free for US domestic shipping.

  • How much product weight can you press at one time?

    The recommended amount is up to 6 gramms.

  • I can"t find my owner's manual for my new DM1005. Can I get another or is it available online?

    Please email to our customer service at They will be able to help you.

  • Does this come with a Starter kit?

    Yes, it comes with a rosin press starter kit.

  • How can I measure the amount of pressure put for every full turn of the knob?

    You can't read the pressing force unless you use the force meter.

  • For the DM1005, how much pressure is applied for every full turn of the knob?

    The maximal pressing force is about 1000 - 1100 lbs.

  • How much is shipping to canada?

    Just add the press and any other items you want to purchase to your shopping cart and click "CHECK OUT" button. Fill out the required fields and hit "Continue to shipping method". You will now see the calculated shipping amount for your order. 

  • How much pressure is added per knob turn?

    It is hard to tell, since it alls depends on how much you turn.

  • What size mesh bag is best for shake

    The 160 micron is good for shake.

  • Will you need any extra equipment besides what comes with it

    No, it doesn't need any extra equipment at all.

  • What size pre press do you recommend? 2x4 or 3x5?

    It all depends on the amount of the precursor that you want to press. Our DM1005 is made with 3"x5" plates.

  • whats the press force on the DM1005?

    1000 lbs pressing force.

  • Delivery to canada yes / no

    Yes, we ship presses to Canada.

  • Hey, can I modify the DM1005 model to change it from the manual hand press to adding a hydrologic pump? I'm 6ft and decently strong, but using the DM1005 is a pain in the ass. I should have spent more time researching this model before buying it. The ones with a hand jack are so much better and the automatic press ones are even better. Hopefully it can be upgraded and I don't have to end up buying a different model and brand.

    This model was designed to be a manually operated press. Unfortunately, it cannot be modified to fit a hydralic pump.

Dulytek® DM1005 Clamshell Manual Rosin Heat Press

Dulytek® DM1005 Clamshell Manual Rosin Heat Press

110V for North America
220V for Europe and Australia